Welcoming all IoT Enthusiast

Exciting world with IoT !!

The world we live in is indeed one of the beautiful creations ever known. As we living in a technology driven environment where most of the work is done by machines. Machines need to operated or programmed hence the interaction between machines and all its surroundings (People, Air, Buildings, Time, Environment collectively terms as Things) is very complex yet natural. To make it work cohesively and seamlessly IoT came into existence and with the help of Sensors, Actuators, Processor and Internet it can make our life a lot better and easier.

IoT applications have the following properties that make them stand apart from traditional automation systems:

  1. They are Smart
  2. They can communication with others including people via Networks (e.g Internet)
  3. Each Thing has an Unique identity
  4. Zero or minimal configuration (Self configurable)
  5. Collective Intelligence
  6. Highly adaptive
  7. High degree of Interoperability


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