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As expert IoT consultants we help meet your objectives

Try us for anything from sensor fusion to mobile integrations we make it happen faster and better

IoT Prototyping/Development

We bring it on faster when it comes to prototyping so that you know how it works at a smaller scale before going real.

Design Integration

We follow a 10 step comprehensive Design and approach that is based on IoTA - an IoT A reference model.

Production & Deployment

IoT projects are complex as real challenges are in production. We bring in agile methods to iterate the build so that the solution is production ready.

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The design methodology followed by ioTTree for implementations is based on IoT A reference model – IoTA, that the European Lighthouse Integrated Project has addressed for three years the IOT Architecture and created an Architecture Reference Model (ARM). 

Embedded Systems

Our Approach to Embedded Systems Design

▪ Embedded Systems Design

We believe disciplined and detail-oriented approach and skilled execution are the
core requirements to produce outstanding embedded systems.

▪ Our Approach

We become part of the team to solve the problem jointly and produce excellent
solutions by bringing our expertise to the team

Our Expertise in Complete Life Cycle of Embedded Systems Development

▪ Product Discovery - Product design | PoC | MVP

▪ Development - Hardware Development | PCB Design | Firmware Development |Application Software Development | Enclosure Development | Board Bring up | Prototype Development & Testing

▪ Testing - Unit Testing | Automated Testing | Functional Testing | Field Trials

▪ Manufacturing - Prototype Manufacturing | Pilot lot Manufacturing | Production

▪ Certification - EMI/EMC | Safety | Environmental | Any other specific requirement

▪ Maintenance - Continuous integration | Software and firmware update | Self-recovery | System health monitoring


  • Complies to all your requirements while catering to future requirements
  • Provides long term robust and time tested solution
  • Easy to maintain and enhance


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Technical Support?


How it works

Accelerate your IoT journey with us from Scope to Target, we will work with you for a successful IoT implementation


Our discovery and Consulting AARRM approach helps you accelerate the Implementation in shorter time and lesser cost


We can help you define the scope of work and document all the key requirements before hand

Design and Build

We follow a proven IoT A reference architecture that is robust and comprehensive. Our focus will be on outcomes and ROI

Test and Deploy

As an end to end service provider we will ensure highest Quality and ease of maintaining the system. With a regressive testing and optimisation plan the outcomes are sure to be beneficial

Delivering IT solutions that enable you to work smarter.

Our IoT solutions are designed to empower you to live smarter by seamlessly integrating technology into your everyday life.

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Let us change the way you think about technology.

Product Innovation

We have culture of Innovation. Our plug and play solutions speak about the deep knowledge that we bring to you.

Professional team

We are bunch of Tech savvy people who are passionate about what we do

Best Practice in IoT

We understand IoT better than anyone, and we know how to infuse the lessons learnt into every new implementation work

Premium Support

We value our client as much as we would our company, you can rely on us long after the deployment


Frequently Ask Questions.

You may have questions and some of the common ones are answered here.. If you have more queries feel free to write to us and we are happy to help

IoT solutions require high level of unification and bring together a diverse set of technology such as Hardware, Sensors, Software, Internet and needs multi-skilled resources. This makes IoT very interested yet challenging.

IoT applications can be deployment timeline depends on the scale and complexity, while many ready to deploy solutions are available that take least time, some project can go for an year or more

IoT is an evolving technology and in the last 3 to 5 years many protocols have been formulated. Some of the these protocols are MQTT, CoAP are at the Application layer while Zigbee, Thread, Matter, LoRa, LoPAN-6, WiFi, BlueTooth are predominant in the network layers. Matter has been a recent entrant in 2023 for home automation

IoT is obviously the next generation thing and some of the predictions are

  1. The number of cellular IoT connections is expected to reach 3.5 billion in 2023
  2. IoT connected devices would reach 43 billion in 2023
  3. Worldwide spending on IoT will reach around $ 1 trillion in 2022 and growing at CAGR of 13.6% 

IoT project require significant investment as multiple technologies are involved and hence there is certain risk. The best way to approach is with a prototype and pilot implementation on a small scale to reap the benefit and fine tune for expanding to the larger enterprise