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What we do

We're Excited to serve you with a range of offerings in IoT product Design & Development


Intelligent sensor based network and home appliance control that can be personalized

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Consulting/Design/Protypting and Integration services for internet of Robotic things

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Industrial IoT

Simplify and automate monitoring and exception handling through alerts and remote monitoring

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Robotic Process Automation

Reduce manual effort and eliminate mundate tasks with our easy to configure RPA tools and save 30% to 45% cost

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Data Science

As vast as it can get the potential of leveraging AI/Ml in your operations are uncountable. Data Scientists guide you on the approach to adopting and expert team takes care of the rest

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Delivering IoT solutions that enable you to live smarter.

Our Services

As expert IoT consultants we help meet your business objectives

Try us for anything from sensor fusion to mobile integrations we make it happen faster and better

IoT Prototyping/Development

We bring it on faster when it comes to prototyping so that you know how it works at a smaller scale before going real.

Design Integration

We follow a 10 step comprehensive Design and approach that is based on IoTA - an IoT A reference model.

Production & Deployment

IoT projects are complex as real challenges are in production. We bring in agile methods to iterate the build so that the solution is production ready.

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Experience home automation with this range of products
Specific need based devices

Self Configuring

TVTime IoT boxes can be configured out of the box and configure themselves with the ioTTree servers.


TVTime is a unique device that is built for parents to aid parenting by setting up schedules on television run time. It also provides remote real time visibility and remote control

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TVTime devices can be scheduled for the entire week using time triggers.
Practically no limits on number of triggers in a day
All in one mobile application for control and scheduling

Android and iOS apps

ioTomate applications are user friendly and built to purpose with sensible UI and responsiveness.
Just download from Play store or App Store and start using