Consulting AARRM

Our mission is to make your business better through technology

Our Services

As expert IoT consultants we help meet your objectives

Try us for anything from sensor fusion to mobile integrations we make it happen faster and better

IoT Prototyping/Development

We bring it on faster when it comes to prototyping so that you know how it works at a smaller scale before going real.

Design Integration

We follow a 10 step comprehensive Design and approach that is based on IoTA - an IoT A reference model.

Production & Deployment

IoT projects are complex as real challenges are in production. We bring in agile methods to iterate the build so that the solution is production ready.

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We provide the following types of services (AARRM)

  • Assess- Evaluate your current situation and landscape
  • Analyze- Weighted rating on various IoT solutions considering your preferences that will guide us further
  • Recommend- We provide recommendation of what is most suitable for you/your company based on best practices and leading trends
  • Report- Detailed assessment and analysis report of the As-Is and To-Be scenario with a future roadmap
  • MVP- Out team can showcase the proof of concept for best fit solution (MVP can be implemented)

Why Choose Us...

Here is what you can expect from us

  • Expertise – We are acknowledged for delivering quality solutions, which are cost effective for our clients and are on time and on budget
  • Innovation- We strive to offer innovative suggestions on how to improve your ideas and then execute the ideas in a professional and disciplined manner.
  • Value – We work on minimizing your risk and costs while maximizing your returns.
    We do this because we want you back as a repeat client
  • Intellectual Property – The work we do is entirely your Intellectual Property & we work on concept of ‘work for hire’.
  • Confidentiality – We formally enter into a non-disclosure agreement, and also otherwise maintain confidentiality of your property and overall well being

How it works

Our IoT solutions empower you to live smarter, enjoying enhanced comfort, convenience, and efficiency in your daily life and work


Before we start working we understand your needs and landscape to discuss on solution options and provide you a roadmap to implement IoT solution


Get personalized guidance from our experts through consultations. We'll understand your needs and design the IoT solutions tailored to your company needs.

Design & Prototype

Our team will work closely with you to create a working prototype along with a possible designs and bring your IoT solution to life. From concept to production, we ensure a seamless and efficient development process.

Build, Test, and Deploy

After comprehensive designing/development/integration we thoroughly test the solution to ensure all the features are working fine. We also optimise the components and the end state is fine tuned as much as it can be. You are all set for deployment.

Delivering IoT solutions that enable you to live smarter.

Our IoT solutions are designed to empower you to live smarter by seamlessly integrating technology into your everyday life.

Express everything and feel everything.

Unlock the Power of Smart Experiences with Our Creative Team! Let Us Help You Dive into a World of Depth and Richness

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Creative Team

Experience a World of IoT with Our expert and creative Team!

Smart Solutions

Control and monitor your home environment remotely, enhance energy efficiency, and improve security and safety.

Work smart & Reliable

We set clear goals and prioritize tasks

Focus on target

Our services are outcome based and we strive to make things (IoT) work as needed